Civil Air Patrol

Squadron Patch Heraldry



1.Circular Patch – Emblem design for units must be on circular shaped shield or disc per AFI 84-105, Paragraph 3.4. Additionally, a squadron’s motto must be listed on the top rocker of the disc with the squadron’s designator on the bottom rocker.

2.Motto – The motto of the 176th Selfridge Composite Squadron is “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.” This Latin proverb means that a person cannot accomplish great things without taking risks. We at Selfridge are willing to take risks, even though that may come with facing difficulties. Our abilities to work through the difficulties, courageously, bravely, and with determination make every one of our seniors and cadet successful.

3.Unit Designator – We chose to address ourselves as Selfridge MI-176 as that is our unit’s location on Selfridge Air National Guard Base with the Unit Charter of MI-176.

4.Aircraft – The aircraft on the patch is in flight. This represents our squadron’s dedication to Aerospace Education. Our squadron participates actively in Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace mission. Being a composite squadron, we focus on all members, seniors and cadets, to advance their education and training in Aerospace Education. Also, our Airmen are prepared to take flight when called upon for an Emergency Services mission. We are prepared whenever, to go wherever, to answer our nation’s call.

5.Red Propeller – The propeller is red, and a part of the aircraft listed above. This symbol is not only the propeller of the aircraft, but also symbolizes the three missions of Civil Air Patrol.

6.Wings – The wings of the patch symbolize mobilization of a team to rescue those in distress.

7.Dagger – The dagger is double-edged signifying the leader-follower relationship. All members of our unit are leaders as well as followers, continuously building themselves through education and training to become well versed in all areas.

8.Wing Dagger Relationship – The wings coming off of the dagger symbolize the compassion that we have for all members of our unit. Each of us has a purpose, but no matter the purpose we are compassionate towards our members. The senior members in our unit “take cadets under our wings” to guide and mentor them, growing them to be leaders in their community, state, and nation.

9.Downward direction of Dagger – The dagger is pointing downward. This symbolization represents courage of our members. They are not afraid to rise and stand tall when called upon.

10. 6 Stars – The six stars, a historical feature of all Selfridge’s patches represents the six states within Great Lakes Region.

Color Heraldry

1.Black Background and Dagger Handle – The background is black symbolizing our unit’s determination to constantly grow and improve. Going hand in hand with our motto, we are determined to become successful even though we may be faced with adversity. Black also symbolizes constancy, the ability to be dependable and faithful. We are faithful to our missions, day or night, and dependable when called upon.

2.Silver Border and Dagger – The border is silver symbolizing peace and sincerity. It encompasses the patch very similar to show we encompass the members in our unit, showing compassion for all members.

3.White Text and Aircraft – The text and aircraft are white symbolizing our unit’s truth and wisdom. We view integrity as the highest core value. Our members are truthful with the words they speak and the actions they make.

4.Red Propeller – The propeller is red symbolizing the three missions of Civil Air Patrol. The color red also symbolizes strength and valor. Our members have copious amounts of strength, especially when faced with adversity and challenge. They have the ability to rise above, continuously growing. Valor focuses on our Emergency Services mission. We are ready to stand tall with courage, to rescue someone in distress.

5.Gold Wings and Stars – The wings and stars are gold symbolizes the honor and excellence that Civil Air Patrol personnel possess.

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