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176th Selfridge Composite Squadron

Welcome and thank you for visiting our squadron’s website. We are the 176th Selfridge Composite Squadron, we participate in search and rescues missions around Michigan, and have a growing officer and cadet population. Along with weekly meetings and Search and Rescue events the squadron has engaged in a number of community service projects including the Lake St. Clair Clean-up, Selfridge ANGB Air Show, St. Clair County Fair and Romeo Peach Festival, and Goodells Fair to name a few.

The squadron is located on Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township, Michigan. The host organization is the 127th Wing of the Michigan Air National Guard, but a variety of Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army reservists and National Guardsmen along with Department of Homeland Security use the facility as well. The airfield was named for Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge, the first U.S. military officer to die in an aviation accident while flying with Orville Wright at Fort Myer, Virginia on 17 September 1908.

Selfridge is known as the “Home of Generals” because so many commissioned officers either assigned or being trained at Selfridge were promoted to general. Some of the most notable generals being Curtiss E. LeMay, Earle E. Partridge, Carl “Tooey” Spaatz, Joseph Cannon, Emmett “Rosie” O’Donnell, and James H. Doolittle. General Curtis E. LeMay, the most famous Commander of the Strategic Air Command and former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, then Lieutenant LeMay, was once fined $50 for flying through Hangar #6 at Selfridge in his bi-wing pursuit plane.

Today, Selfridge Air National Guard Base is one of the busiest, most diverse military installations in the United States. Selfridge takes pride in being the only Reserve Components Base to have permanently assigned units from all uniformed services, and is the largest ANG Base in the USAF. It is a unique opportunity for our squadron to be based on and operate from such a historical installation.

We administer both the Senior Member Professional Development Program as well as the Cadet Program at the local level. We are one of the largest units in the State of Michigan, called upon frequently to support local community projects, conducting aerospace instruction at local schools or flying clubs and utilized in search and rescue missions.

Our adult members background and occupations are many and varied; aviation, military, communications, software development, engineering, banking, administration and more. For many, expertise in their fields can be both directly and indirectly applicable to what we do in the Civil Air Patrol. Many of our adult members receive training in various emergency services duties such as communications, air and ground search, and participate in training exercises as well as real-world SAR missions. Others who care not to participate in emergency services assist the squadron administratively or assist with the cadet program.

Our cadets, through the CAP Cadet Program, receives education in leadership, aerospace, and physical fitness. They take their classroom instruction in aerospace and put it to practicable application by flying in CAP aircraft. No other youth organization has this capability. They also participate in a multitude of activities on both a local and a national scale, including flight encampments, drill and color guard competitions and participate in search and rescue exercises and real-world missions.

Many of our former cadets, inspired by their participation in Civil Air Patrol have gone on to careers in the military, nursing and aviation either directly or through universities. Some of those cadets are now officers in our squadron passing on their knowledge and mentoring our current cadets.

Interested in volunteering to serve your community and country in times of crisis? If you’re looking for a challenge and a personally rewarding activity, the Civil Air Patrol is for you! You are cordially invited to join the 176th Selfridge Composite Squadron members on any Thursday evening starting at 6:30 PM and gain a wealth of information on who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved. For more information or to have a squadron representative contact you, click on the “Contact Us” page.

Awards and Recognition:

27 Dec 1975 Charted as a Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron
1977 Unit Citation for Exceptional Meritorious Service
2002 Unit Citation (2nd Award) for Exceptional Meritorious Service
2004/2005 CAP Aerospace Excellence Award
2005 Michigan Wing Squadron of the Year
2005 Unit Citation (3rd Award) for Exceptional Meritorious Service
2005 Squadron of Merit Award 2006/2007 CAP Aerospace Excellence Award
2009 First Place – Michigan Wing Cadet Drill Competition
2009 Third Place – Great Lakes Region Cadet Drill Competition
2009/2010 CAP Aerospace Excellence Award
2010 Re-designated a Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron
2010 First Place – Michigan Wing Cadet Academic Bowl
2010 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award
2010 Michigan Wing Squadron of the Year
2010 Squadron of Merit (2nd) Award
2011 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award
2012 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award
2013 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award
2014 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award
2015 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award
2016 CAP Quality Cadet Unit Award


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